VR Security continuously strives to formulate long lasting partnerships in managing our clients security needs over and above the expected norm especially when referring to superior service delivery

Armed Reaction Guarding division Access control, CCTV

VR Security provides an advanced armed response service.
VR Security has 1 National monitoring centre in Bloemfontein to ensure that a fast professional and effective service is offered 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. All VR Security Armed Response officers are registered with PSIRA and undergo a strict selection process before being employed by VR Security

The VR Security Monitoring Centers are highly sophisticated and computerized to ensure a quick and effective service, constantly networked to ensure that down time never becomes a factor. VR Security has a substantial fleet of response vehicles on permanent patrol 24 hours a day, 365 days per annum, manned by efficient, highly trained response officers.




VR Security supplies only registered PSIRA Security Officers are trained and registered at the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority of South Africa and authorized to work in the security industry on their registered grade. At VR Security our own reputation can be linked to that of our clients.

We are amongst the front runners in the industry when it comes to being technologically advanced in our respective fields. The core ideology that our clients possess will be the basis of our training, being performance driven with a team approach focused not only on clients but also clients of clients.



VR Security provides state of the art CCTV solutions for security surveillance in industrial and commercial premises, car parks, financial institutions, shopping centers and town centers, as well as your private residence.

In addition to the conventional security system, a CCTV system may be installed to allow for visual verification of events in and around properties and premises. These events can also be monitored remotely by the control center and action taken based on what the operator is viewing at the remote site. All this can be recorded on site using a time lapse recorder as well as at the remote monitoring center on computer hard drives.





Life Rosepark is a solid and established service provider that assists corporate companies such VR Security in providing value added services and benefits to their clients. Life Rosepark provides all assistance services inhouse, and therefore insures service quality. Life Rosepark provides VR Security with emergency medical services, personal health advisory services and map assist.


VR Security has the ability to monitor your alarm system in your own town as well from other main centers should the need arise. The monitoring center are all manned 24 hours a day by highly trained personnel. These men and women are able to take charge of your problems and manage them through to a satisfactory solution. Control centers used by reaction services must be constructed and operated in accordance with all standards.



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